Product Descriptions

Full Spectrum CBD Honey

Our most raved about product is our CBD Honey made from local, raw wildflower honey
sourced in Lockport, New York. Every jar is infused with top quality, full spectrum oil from hemp
sustainably grown in New York State. Enjoy our delicious, rich honey in your favorite tea, coffee
or by the spoonful and experience the many benefits of CBD Honey today!

~Each 4oz jar contains 600mg/serving size 25mg per teaspoon~

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Lions Mane Infusions CBD oil is made from top quality grown hemp in New York State for
rejuvenating your mind and body to support everyday wellness. The cannabinoids that exist
within our full spectrum CBD oil tincture are CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC. Each infused bottle
contains fractionated coconut oil giving a smooth, mild flavor for an easier daily consumption.

~Serving suggestion is 1ml which contains approximately 34mg of CBD. Each 30ml bottle
contains 1000mgs of full spectrum CBD Oil.

CBD Olive Oil

Lions Mane Infusions CBD Olive Oil is a top quality imported, cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
infused with 500mgs of Full Spectrum CBD distillate. This hand selected oil makes for a great
finishing oil for your favorite dish or a superior ingredient in making your own edibles. By using a
distillate we have not compromised the flavor or quality of the olive oil leaving a clean finish on
your pallet.

~Serving size 1 tablespoon is approximately 30mg Full Spectrum CBD

CBD Massage Oil

Lions Mane Infusions CBD Massage Oil is infused with our top quality, full spectrum oil and blended with premium fractionated coconut oil. This simple, clean blend has a mild hemp flower aroma that doesn’t leave a greasy feel. Experience the relaxing effects of this high potency oil which gives muscles the ability to recover and repair. ~Contains 200mg per ounce of full spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Lip Balm

Lions Mane Infusions CBD Lip Balm goes on smooth, moisturizing your lips naturally. This non-toxic product contains beeswax and coconut oil infused with 25mg of 99.9% CBD isolate. Our lip balm is the perfect way to hydrate and heal dry cracked lips, all year round.

CBD Mend Stick

Lions Mane Mend Stick is a deep penetrating salve that offers cannabinoid therapy in a heavy
dose of Delta-8THC and Full Spectrum CBD. This proprietary blend includes; organic arnica,
organic black seed oil and ginger extract that work together relieving pain and inflammation.

~Contains 500mg Delta 8THC & 500mg Full Spectrum CBD